Francesca Aspromonte:The Appraisers Prognosis

I don’t talk the whole time–
I sit really still and wish I were able to not seem so eager
Or maybe perplexed– I cannot tell the difference.
You glance over at me longingly and I am barren or infertile or uncomprehending
Or maybe I just don’t care.
Because I am barren and infertile and you are uncomprehending

My appraiser said you aren’t worth a dime
Your dusty mouth breathes no fresh breath and I am exhausted at the sight of you
You are musty and you do not play the part so well after all
Instead you are rubbish among all the other broken toys

I take you outside to play with me, but you desert me for the other boys and girls- –tired of my comebacks and long-winded pauses

But loyalty is not foreign to me

I still take you in and bath you,
Wrap you warmly and coo in your ears,

As you falls asleep drooling the whole time on my shoulder.


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